David Feerst
Director of Safety

David Feerst began as the Director of Safety of Winco, Inc. in March, 2010. Until recently, David served as the General Operations Manager of Utilities/Aviation Specialists, Inc. (UAS). He is an active consultant who works with industry wide safety and operational issues in the utility, civil helicopter industries. He has ten years of management experience in several industries, including aviation and aviation safety management.

As General Operations Manager of Utilities/Aviation Specialists Inc., he worked with numerous corporations around the world on issues involving helicopter applications, product development, procedures development, and aircraft accident investigation/litigation and aviation safety. He was responsible for managing all of UAS's activities in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and China. Additionally, David has done investigation, accident re-recreation, and litigation support on numerous aircraft accidents.

As an Auditor for Utilities/Aviation Specialists, David performed dozens of audits, most of those for flight operations serving as a function of or a contractor in support of Electric Utility operations.

David is a Commercial Pilot; instrument rated in helicopters, and is experienced in various aspects of low-level flight operations. He is a US Department of Transportation (DOT) certified Safety Program Manager.


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President / CEO

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VP / Chief Operating Officer

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David Feerst