Winco provides a complete range of both helicopter-assisted and traditional electric transmission line construction and maintenance services, specializing in projects that have challenging or limited access and/or aggressive project schedules.

Operating a fleet of ten helicopters, Winco possesses the resources to provide a wide range of services on a project. Our MD500 series helicopters provide specialized wire stringing, line maintenance, and repair operations.

Winco’s years of experience working with different construction contractors has given us a unique perspective on constructing transmission lines. Winco’s project management has the experience necessary to utilize our aerial techniques in the most efficient manner while performing construction services for our construction contractor and utility clients.

  • Materials procurement and staging
  • Conductor installation, including needlework
  • Insulator installation
  • Spacer installation
  • Marker ball installation
  • Full-tension conductor and static splicing
  • Clipping and de-clipping of conductor or static wire
  • Dead-ending of conductor or static wire

Winco is a valuable partner when it comes to assisting utilities in meeting the stringent electric reliability standards. Winco utilizes proven and efficient airborne techniques, ensuring any line outages are kept to a minimum. If outages are not possible, Winco has crews that are certified in performing live-line services.

  • Insulator change-out
  • Re-conductor and static replacement
  • Conductor spacer removal and replacement
  • Bird diverter and perch discourager installation
  • Full Tension conductor and static splicing
  • Conductor repair
  • Vibration dampener installation
  • Cross-arm replacements
  • Comprehensive visual line inspection and patrol

Winco has the proven ability and experience to be a first responder when disasters strike. Within five hours of Hurricane Wilma’s track over Florida, Winco mobilized a helicopter and crew to the area, where they began initial damage assessment. While assisting with the development of a first response plan, Winco performed various power restoration activities.

  • Comprehensive visual line inspection and patrol
  • Personnel transport and line crew movement
  • Storm repair and reconstruction